Divorce according to Islamic view point

Divorce according to Islamic view point: The marriage is, in fact, a very sacred and respectful relation in Islam. Islam demands both men and women to keep their words and live together as life partners, and not to weaken the strong foundation of this relation by getting into fight against each other on trivial issues and petty matters.

The Glorious Qur’ān declares the relation of both husband and wife a source of peace and raiment for each other. As a raiment safeguards the secret of human body and provides security in both states of happiness and grief, similarly a couple safeguards the secret of each other and they conceal the weakness of each other and they work as partners in all walks of life.

Marriage holds a great importance in Islam because it gives rise to chastity. Through this process, two families come closer to each other and they start loving each other.

If a breach occurs in the relation, it brings too much harm, destroys the life of both husband and wife, and their children get deprived of their love and then their education does not go as nicely as it should be. The close relation gets apart and there appears hatred in their heart. Therefore, the Sharīʿah tries to put an end to all these types of things which can later create hatred in their hearts۔Divorce according to Islamic view point.

Divorce, an extremely disliked act

Divorce means breaking the sacred relation of marriage. Therefore, it is an extremely disliked act in Islam. It is narrated from ʿAbdullāh ibn ʿUmar (ra) that the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: The most hated of the  permissible things to Allah is divorce.

Abū Mūsā al-Ashʿarī (ra) reports that the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) condemned those who give divorce without any reason and said: “Women are not divorced until their character is found of doubtful nature. Surely, Almighty Allah does not like those men and women who change partners for their desires (who get married and shortly get apart to marry another person.

Divorce: unpleasant need

It is of no doubt that sometimes divorce becomes an unpleasant and unwanted need. Divorce is a matter of worry; but sometimes it acts as a cause to stop another matter which is more worrisome. If the relation between both husband and wife is unpleasant and they find hard to live together, a man wants to get rid of his wife and finds no legal way out, he will surely choose illegal ways and as a result, it will be more dangerous and harmful for his wife.

Sometimes, the situation does not seem to be favourable due to which both the husband and wife find it hard to live together and they think that they will have a peaceful life if they get apart. In this situation, the Sharīʿah allows divorce while declaring it a ‘disliked need’. The divorce is an abhorrent act indeed; but the law of marital life will never be liable to be declared perfect until the divorce is allowed. When a spouse starts hating the other partner and finds it difficult to live together, and neither the husband finds any legal way of getting apart from his wife nor the wife finds any legal way to get rid of her husband’s oppression, then it will really be an unusual and unnatural situation. Compelling them to lead an unpleasant life will have impact on their health and capability.

Islam allows divorce for those men who find difficult to live together

Nowadays the Hindu community is though very much educated; but still they burn and kill their wives because they find no legal ways to get apart from one another. So, many of them choose illegal ways to get rid of their partners. Though the divorce is an abhorrent act; but it is allowed in Islam for the very reason. Islam allows divorce for those men and women who find difficult to live together and want to get rid of each other so that they are not compelled to violate the rules. Moreover, it is also a good way to protect women’s life, respect and chastity.

Right of divorce is given to men only

A woman is emotional by nature. This is not her defect; rather it is her beauty. She cannot prove herself as an immensely loving mother or wife without too much emotion. Moreover, she is hasty in her decisions due to her emotionality. She is pleased as hastily as she moves to anger. Therefore, she is not given the right to divorce in Islam or any civilised society.

In comparison with a woman, a man is more discreet in taking decisions and he is less emotional. Therefore, Islam has given him the right to divorce and urged him to utilise this right very cautiously.

Hence Giving divorce without any compelling need is disliked in Islam. Those having religious taste and god-fearing men are far away from this abhorrent act.

Islam obliges men to financially serve his family. So, he goes out in order to earn livelihood. He needs the support of his wife in order to look for his children and bring them up. So, he does not want his house to collapse by divorce and therefore, he fears too much of divorce.

In case of divorce, a man is responsible for giving mahar (dower), expenditure of the ʿiddah, mutʿah, expenditure of his son until he reaches seven years and that of daughter until she comes to maturity. All these financial responsibilities go to man and restrain him from divorce. Therefore, a man is given the right to divorce۔ٰDivorce according to Islamic