Principles of a happy married life

The objective of getting married is to lead a happy life and to be chaste. In order to lead a happy life, each of them needs to pay the other’s rights and behave with one another honourably

Some husbands mostly repeat nonsensical acts. The women, therefore, get in a state of anxiety and trouble and then they pay no heed to their husbands and in this way their lives get ruined

Our godly men state that there are some moral duties. Not taking care of such moral duties or repeating the same mistakes by husband ruins the home. They are as follows

Disregarding a wife

A wife better serves her husband and tries to please him. She wants her husband to praise her. If the husband praises her and encourages her, she will be happy and try to please him. So, he should encourage and praise her on her good deeds

Some men meet their relatives and friends and they talk to them pleasantly; but they neglect paying heed to their wives in houses and they do not lovingly talk to them. How will the wives be pleased and cheerful, then

Threat of divorce

Some men threaten to divorce their wives on trivial issues. The wives who are threatened time and again are not comfortable or pleased with their husbands because they never know when they are going to be divorced and get apart. They always think about what they will do if this situation comes and therefore they quarrel with one another.Some husband always say to their wives that you are not pretty and you are not obedient so I will marry another women, shariah  have allowed man to have more than one wife , when wife is fulfilling all needs of husband, so what is the need to threatening wife about another marriage ,and  annoying her and yourself


A wife leaves her house for the sake of her husband. Now, when she comes to him, she wants security of life, respect and faith from him. If the husband keeps her in a place where she fears insecurity or her feelings are hurt, then the house will never be happy

If the wife makes a mistake, the husband should explain in loneliness, and she will not be offended. But, if she is admonished or reproached in front of others, her feelings get hurt and she feels disgraced and her heart gets broken and then she stops respecting her husband duly. She now thinks why should she take care of his respect when he does not take care of her respect

Neglecting a wife and giving her time

A wife needs the attention of her husband. She wants her husband to give her time, ask for the fulfilment of her needs and take care of her emotions and feelings. A husband gets busy all day long in different activities. She wants her husband to give her time when he comes back home. If the husband gets busy all day long in outdoor activities and after coming home, he gets busy in other activities, then neither the wife can be happy nor can the husband.

Giving her time is her Sharʿī right. Some people accompany their friends in holidays and spend all the holidays with their friends and when they come home, they go to spend time with their parents, brothers and sisters, and the wife still waits for her husband. He does not give her time and does not ask her feelings of happiness and grief. She, therefore, broken-heartedly starts paying no heed to her husband and thus the happiness disappears from their lives

Limitation for wife and freedom for himself

When any rule is imposed in house, both the husband and the wife should follow it. The husband should provide for his wife of the clothes, meals and comfort which he likes for himself. This is the right of every Muslims. The wife is partner of life, so she is more deserving of it

Some men place limitations on wives and they want themselves to be free. They seek wives to be righteous and perform ṣalāh properly while they themselves do not go for ṣalāh. They forbid them not to interact with strange relatives (ghayr maḥrams) while they themselves do it. This violation of rule will give rise to fight. So, the rule should be same and equal for both

Giving no attention to wife’s relatives

Each woman has a blood and emotional relation with her parents, brothers and sisters and with her other relatives. She is not ready to listen to any ill about them. When a husband talks ill about her parents and relatives or he criticizes them, she stays silent due to her helplessness; but this leads to break her heart and she starts hating her husband and then this hatred makes way to their relation-